Erectile Dysfunction: At What Age Does It Start in Men?

Erectile Dysfunction: What Age Does It Start?

by | Sep 21, 2020 | Erectile Dysfunction

Around five out of a hundred men that are forty years old have finish erectile dysfunction, and that figure rises to about fifteen percent of men at the age of seventy. Slight and moderate ED distresses ten percentage of men for every period of life. Erectile dysfunction can happen at some age; however, it is usual in men that are aged. Adult men are more likely to have health circumstances that need medicine, which can be delayed by erectile function. Moreover, as men mature, they might want more incentive to get an erection and additional time among erections.

Men’s Health Clinic in Atlanta, Georgia, will provide the few main reasons for erectile dysfunction such as:

  • Smoking;
  • Diabetes;
  • Obesity;
  • Low testosterone; and
  • Peripheral vascular illness.

Attaining an erection is a compound progression that includes the hormones, brain, muscles, nerves, and blood movement. When something hinders with this procedure, the outcome might be erectile dysfunction, and erectile dysfunction treatment may be needed.

In some circumstances, erectile dysfunction is the beginning sign of severe fundamental health situations, such as cardiovascular difficulties, which require treatment since erectile dysfunction can contribute to similar danger issues for strokes and heart attacks. If you have any concerns about erectile dysfunction, you can inquire about Choice Men’s Health a Men’s Medical Center in Georgia, and you can get professional help.


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