How to Talk to Your Partner About Erectile Dysfunction

How to Talk to Your Partner About Erectile Dysfunction

by | May 15, 2020 | Erectile Dysfunction

If you have erectile dysfunction, you may find it difficult to talk things over with your partner. The feeling of embarrassment and awkwardness often takes over, making you face the problem alone.

But you must remember that erectile dysfunction is a couple’s problem. It does not only affect your wellbeing but also your relationship with your partner. You need to get past your embarrassment and stop hesitating so both of you can find ways to resolve the problem together.

To guide you through, Choice Men’s Health has created a list that can help you communicate more effectively.

  • Choose the best time and place to have the conversation. Talk about your feelings and ask your partner what she’s feeling too.
  • If you’ve already visited a men’s health Clinic in Atlanta, Georgia, about your erectile dysfunction, you must explain your condition clearly and truthfully to your partner.
  • Discuss which erectile dysfunction treatment may work best for both of you. With that said, see a doctor together.

However, if you haven’t found the right men’s medical center in Georgia, we encourage you to visit our clinic today. We offer personalized treatments tailored to your needs. Let us help you have a healthier and more active sex life!


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