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Take Your Life Back With Low-T Therapy in Atlanta, Georgia.

Are you fed up with feeling tired, or having no energy?  Is your sex life not what it used to be?  You could be dealing with Low-T.

Testosterone is one of the most important male hormones.  As men age, they begin producing less testosterone, leading to hormone deficiencies and a possible decrease in their sex life and many other areas.

While Low-T is associated with getting older, many younger men can begin to see a decrease in their levels of testosterone as well.

Our Men’s Health Specialists in Atlanta know how difficult it can be to not feel like yourself when dealing with low testosterone levels.  We can help you start to feel like yourself again.

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What Are The Symptoms Of Low Testosterone?

Testosterone is associated with the male sex drive, as it is the primary male sex hormone produced in the testes.  It plays a vital role in the production of sperm and helps in the production of red blood cells, bone, muscle mass, and fat storage.

It is one of the most important hormones that have a profound effect on a man’s life.  But, how do you know if you have low testosterone?

There are many signs of testosterone deficiencies, but not every man will show the same symptoms of a decrease in testosterone production. Some men may experience noticeable physical symptoms like hair loss, decreased sex drive, loss of muscle mass, or decreased bone density. In contrast, others may experience emotional health effects such as depression or a lack of focusing.

Below are some of the common symptoms associated with a decrease in testosterone levels:

  • Reduce Sex Drive
  • Muscle Loss
  • Decreased Levels of Energy
  • Weight Gain, or Increase In Body Fat
  • Moodiness
  • Erectile Dysfunction
  • Loss Of Body Hair
  • A Decrease In Sexual Function

But you don’t have to deal with low testosterone and Erectile Dysfunction.  Keep reading to see how we can help you feel like yourself again with our personalized treatment protocols. 

Reduced Sex Drive

Erectile Dysfunction

Decreased Levels Of Energy

Low-T Treatment Options

At Choice Men’s Health, we recognize that no two people are the same.  This is why our specialists offer custom treatment plans based on your specific needs. Our low testosterone treatment options are based on your symptoms and your personal health history. We can help you restore intimacy between you and your partner.

We provide a broad range of treatment plans for our patients with low testosterone. This includes methods such as testosterone replacement therapy, topical cream, and injectables. Our specialist will work with you to help restore optimal hormone levels.

See what some of our previous clients have said about the treatment we provided them.

If you’re ready to start feeling like your old self and have a great sex life again, call (404) 400-3717 if you have any questions about our services. 



Highly recommend this place! The visit only took an hour and the doctor was very nice.



I’ve had Ed for over 10 years and they resolved my issue in one hour!  So excited to have this part of my life back!



The Dr. and staff were attentive and professional, I understood exactly what was going on and was provided with the solution.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Low-T

Can Low Testosterone Cause ED?

Low-T can cause a cascade of problems.  This is why it’s important to seek out a choice men’s health that can help determine what the best treatment options for you will be.

What Is The Main Cause Of Low Testosterone?

There can be many reasons why someone is suffering from Low-T.  An injury, medication, or other health conditions can cause testosterone levels to be decreased.

Should I Worry About Low Testosterone Levels?

If you are noticing symptoms like low sex drive, ED, weight gain, or loss of hair you should contact a healthcare professional to see if your hormone levels are at the optimum level.

What Is The Best Treatment For Low Testosterone?

There are many effective therapy options available to help men.

Our low testosterone treatment options are based on your symptoms and your personal health history. We can help you restore intimacy between you and your partner.

How Do I Know If I Have Low-T?

There can be many signs of sub-optimal levels of testosterone. They could include symptoms like:

  • reduced sex drive
  • decrease in sexual function
  • erectile dysfunction (ED)
  • moodiness
  • decreased levels of energy

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms schedule a consultation with our Atlanta Choice Men’s Health to see how we can help you get your “mojo” back

al professional that has the experience to help with effective treatment options.

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