What Are The Early Signs of an Erectile Dysfunction?

What Are The Early Signs of Erectile Dysfunction?

by | Apr 20, 2022 | Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is one of the most common sexual disorders men will experience.

A very common myth about ED is that men wake up one day in old age and have suddenly lost the ability to achieve an erection.

That couldn’t be further from the truth.

ED is typically a progressive process and occurs slowly over time.

Erectile dysfunction usually isn’t a reason to worry unless it becomes an ongoing issue.

Erectile dysfunction is sometimes an indication of an underlying health condition that shouldn’t be ignored, like diabetes or heart disease. 

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That’s why it’s essential to know the early signs of ED, so if it is an indication of underlying physical conditions, they can be treated right away.

We’ll go over a few of the most common early warning signs in the article below.


What’s Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction is the inability to achieve or maintain an erection good enough for sexual activities.

Having occasional ED is a common condition.

Many people experience ED if they are stressed or sick, and it’s often due to performance anxiety.

However, when ED regularly affects your sex life, it can signify health problems that need treatment.

Regular ED may also be a sign of a psychological condition, or emotional or relationship difficulties that need to be addressed with the appropriate medical treatment.

ED Risk Factors 

There are various risk factors in addition to old age that can contribute to erectile dysfunction.

Some of the most common ED risk factors are:

  • Medical conditions: Health conditions like diabetes, heart conditions, or sleep disorders may contribute to ED.
  • Tobacco use: Tobacco restricts blood flow to veins and arteries. Over time, that can cause chronic health conditions that lead to erectile dysfunction.
  • Overweight or Obesity: Being overweight or obese can lead to health conditions like diabetes that can cause ED.
  • Some medical treatments: Treatments like prostate surgery or radiation treatment for cancer can all contribute to ED.
  • Injuries: Injuries that damage the nerves or arteries that control erections
  • Medications: Blood pressure medication, antidepressants, antihistamines, and medications to treat pain or prostate conditions can cause ED.
  • Mental health conditions: Keeping an erection firm is mental as much as it is physical. Mental conditions like stress, anxiety, depression, or other psychological issues can cause ED.
  • Drug and alcohol use: Heavy drinkers or habitual drug users often suffer problems with sexual function.

Early Signs of Erectile Dysfunction

Difficulty Getting Or Maintaining An Erection

The most obvious sign of sexual difficulties is losing the ability to get or keep an erection.

When it starts, men might find it takes longer than usual to get a full erection.

This can progress to a point when erections have to be initiated with more and more stimulation.

ED is known for preventing men from getting erections, but it’s not uncommon for a man with ED to become less hard during sex.

This often results in some embarrassing situations in the middle of sex.

If you consistently have trouble maintaining an erection even when engaging in sexual activity, you might be in the early stages of developing ED.

Decreased Sexual Desire

Your sex drive is also called your libido and is driven by psychological or biological processes.

Imbalanced hormones like lower testosterone levels may inhibit your ability to achieve and sustain erections. 

Men experiencing symptoms of erectile dysfunction may feel inadequate and embarrassed about their condition. This causes them to replace sexual excitement with a feeling of anxiety.

Anxiety, shame, and depression can build up and lower a man’s desire to have sex.

The decrease in the urge for sex is often paired with erectile dysfunction symptoms and continued ignorance of these symptoms results in low libido.

If your urge for sex has reduced drastically, it’s a warning sign that should be taken seriously.


Loss of Sensitivity in the Penis

An aspect of ED that isn’t always discussed is the loss of sensitivity in the penis.

Many men, especially as they grow older, may notice it takes more stimulation to obtain an erection.

This is often attributed to hormonal levels, medical problems, or problems with the receptors or nerves in the penis as one ages.

Sensitivity problems in some men can be caused by the lack of rigidity in the penis.

If you notice any changes in the feeling of your penis, let an ED specialist know right away.

They can help design a treatment plan that will help you have great sex again.

Night And Morning Erections

Morning and late-night erections are very common in males.

If you’ve stopped having these erections, it’s a common warning sign that you might start seeing other symptoms in the coming months and years. 

Morning and late-night erections occur because your brain releases less noradrenaline.

Noradrenaline is a hormone responsible for erections while you sleep. 

Frequent morning wood is an indicator of good sexual health.

It further indicates that you have proper blood flow to your penis and your blood vessels are healthy. 

If you notice that you don’t have frequent morning erections anymore, this could be a sign of erectile dysfunction. 


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Erectile dysfunction is a common problem.  One that many men choose not to talk about.

So, what should you do if you notice one or more of the above-mentioned warning signs?

The first step is to make sure they aren’t permanent or long-lasting.

Lifestyle improvements and exercise can often manage the early stages of erectile dysfunction. Healthy lifestyle choices like aerobic exercise or following exercise routines can help solve some of the erection issues. 

If you still have issues, ED Clinics specialize in diagnosing and treating erectile dysfunction.

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We’ll help you get a piece of your life back that you thought you may have lost. You can have a healthy sex life again, and reconnect with your partner.

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