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What Is Impotence?

by | Dec 8, 2021 | Erectile Dysfunction

You’ve probably heard of impotence, but do you know exactly what it is?

Is impotence the same thing as erectile dysfunction?

What exactly is impotence?

Impotence is a condition when a man is unable to achieve or sustain an erection for sexual intercourse.

Impotence usually doesn’t affect your sex drive, and it isn’t the same as premature ejaculation, a sexual dysfunction where a male reaches orgasm too quickly during sex.

This sexual dysfunction usually affects older males but can also affect younger men, especially if they have an underlying medical condition.

Many health conditions like heart disease or conditions that affect the blood vessels can cause a man to have issues achieving and maintaining an erection.

Psychological conditions can also affect your ability to get an erection.

In the article below, we will learn more about impotence, its causes, and potential treatments for erectile dysfunction.

Is Impotence The Same As Erectile Dysfunction?

Many people aren’t sure if impotence and erectile dysfunction are the same things.

There really is no difference between impotence and ED.

These terms are interchangeable, referring to a man’s inability to get or maintain an erection long enough for sexual intercourse.

No matter what it’s called, it’s a condition that affects many men and can take all the joy out of a relationship.

The effects of ED or impotence can range from depression to infertility.

Fortunately, there are many treatment options available that can help men have a great sex life again. Most men’s health clinics are experienced in helping men overcome impotence.

The medical professionals at one of these clinics, like the ones at Choice Men’s Health, can discern what’s causing your ED.

You could be experiencing ED for various reasons, from an underlying health condition, low testosterone levels, a psychological condition, or something else.

Then they will design a treatment method that’s right for you.


What Causes Impotence?

More often than not, impotence occurs when blood flow to the penis is restricted.

There are physical and psychological causes of impotence.


Physical Causes of Impotence

There are several physical causes of impotence.

As we said earlier, ED occurs because there isn’t enough blood getting to the penis.

Many health issues and the resulting medications can reduce blood flow to the penis, such as hardened arteries, heart disease, high blood sugar, smoking blood pressure medicine, and radiation therapy.

Sometimes the penis cannot trap blood during an erection.

If blood doesn’t stay in the penis, a man can’t keep an erection.

This can happen to a man at any age.

Certain diseases, injuries, or surgeries in the pelvic area can harm nerves to the penis, making it difficult to achieve erections.

Many cancer treatments near the pelvis can also affect a penis’s functionality.

Treating cancers like prostate, colon-rectal, or bladder cancer leaves some men with ED.

Cancer survivors struggling with maintaining an erection should see a Urologist as soon as possible.

Oral medication and other drugs used to treat health problems can negatively affect your ability to achieve an erection.

If you start having issues with your sexual performance after starting a new medication, speak with the doctor who prescribed it.


Emotional Causes of ED

Satisfying sex requires the mind and body to work together.

Emotional issues or relationship problems can cause or worsen your symptoms of ED.

Men who begin to have issues with impotence can develop stress-related to impotence that can make it worse.

A few common emotional issues that can cause ED are:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Relationship conflicts
  • Stress
  • Concerns about sex performance

It’s estimated that 40% of men have experienced impotence by the age of 40.

Nearly 70% of men are affected by the age of 70.

If you’re worried you have erectile dysfunction, but you can’t pinpoint the cause, seek medical advice from sexual health professionals.

They can provide information and discuss the best impotence treatment options for you.


Symptoms Of Impotence

It’s essential to pay attention to the signs and symptoms of impotence. It can sometimes be a significant warning sign of cardiovascular disease, indicating blockages that are building in your vascular system.

Studies have also shown that men with ED are at significant risk of having a heart attack, stroke, or circulatory problems in the legs.

ED may also cause:

  • Low self-esteem
  • Depression
  • Distress for the man and his partner 

If ED is affecting your well-being or relationships, it should be treated right away.

ED treatment aims to fix or enhance erectile function, help circulatory health, and enhance the quality of a man’s life.


How Impotence and Erectile Dysfunction Are Diagnosed

When you visit a men’s health clinic, they will conduct an interview to make a diagnosis.

They may also order blood tests and other tests as necessary.

The interview is important because it will give them a better understanding of your medical history and will inform them of the medications you’re taking.

It’s important to answer honestly because your response will dictate how the treatment options will be designed for you.  

Some of the tests that may be ordered include a CBC (complete blood count), lipid profile, liver and kidney function tests, urinalysis, NPT (nocturnal penile tumescence), and penile biothesiometry test.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions if anything is unclear to you.

When the interview is completed and the test results are received, they’ll make a diagnosis and discuss possible treatment options.

Treatments For ED

Numerous treatments are available for impotence, including medical interventions, drug therapy, natural remedies, and lifestyle modifications.

Medical Intervention

Several medications can be used to treat impotence.

Some of the most popular prescription treatments for impotence include:

  • Stendra (avanafil)
  • Viagra (sildenafil)
  • Cialis (tadalafil)
  • Levitra (vardenafil)
  • Testosterone replacement therapy

Some men also opt for vascular surgery to improve blood flow in the penis or penile implants.

Penile implants also require a surgical procedure.


Natural Remedies

Many men prefer natural remedies for their ED so they can avoid surgery and medications.

Fortunately, there are several natural remedies that you can use to treat impotence, but be sure to consult your doctor before starting one.

Some of the most popular alternative remedies for impotence are:

  • Acupuncture
  • Herbs and supplements
  • Pomegranate juice


Penis pumps

Penis pumps or vacuum devices are another option if you’re looking for noninvasive, drug-free treatments.

Penis pumps are most effective with cases of moderate ED.


Lifestyle Modifications

There are also lifestyle modifications you can perform whether your impotence is caused by physical or emotional issues.

These lifestyle moderations include:

  • Quitting smoking
  • Moderate drinking
  • Open lines of communication in a relationship
  • Exercise
  • Healthy eating
  • Anxiety reduction techniques
Preventing Impotence

There are several causes of impotence, but there are steps you can take to help prevent it.

Some of the best ways to prevent impotence are similar to the lifestyle changes used to treat your impotence.

The best prevention methods are:

  • Exercising
  • Avoid smoking, taking drugs, or abusing alcohol
  • Get enough sleep
  • Eat a healthy diet
  • Reduce stress, anxiety, and depression

And remember, impotence is often associated with age, but old age isn’t the biggest contributing cause of ED, so you can start these prevention methods at any age.

Age is just a risk factor.


Contact Choice Men’s Health For Your ED Treatment

Many men get frustrated when dealing with impotence, but it’s important to remember that the condition is treatable and sometimes curable.

ED is very common and can usually be reversed by treating underlying conditions or using natural remedies.

Choice Men’s Health can help with customized treatment plans so you can lead a happier, healthier life.

If you have questions about erectile dysfunction, Choice Men’s Health in Atlanta, Georgia, has been helping men enjoy a healthy sex life for years.

Schedule an appointment with our ED Specialists to get started on your Impotence Treatment by calling (404) 400-3717 or filling out a form here.


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