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Render illustration of Premature Ejaculation on medical documents


Ejaculation is the act of discharging the semen. When ejaculation occurs sooner than a man would like during sexual stimulation or intercourse. We understand that this can very frustrating and can make sex less enjoyable for both parties. While it is not often a cause of concern, you should seek medical help if it happens often and cause you other problems.


Common Symptoms of PE includes:

  • Ejaculating within a few minutes of sexual stimulation and/or intercourse.
  • Unable to delay the act of ejaculating.

Treatment Options

For this condition, we have many different available treatment options. We provide medication and supplements, and to reduce the sensitivity, we also include local anesthetic creams and sprays. Our experts will work together with you in order to gain the maximum effects and get the best possible outcome for the treatment.

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